Digital Forensics

Forensics Australia – The Home of Digital Forensics

Forensics Australia provides quality in-depth computer and mobile phone digital forensic services, data analysis and experienced digital forensics expert witness services.

We provide consultancy services for legal practitioners and organisations requiring independent digital forensic examinations and reports. The owner/manager Richard Boddington, is an established and experienced Security Analyst and Digital Forensics Practitioner based in Perth, Western Australia.

Consultancy services for legal practitioners and organisations requiring independent digital forensic examinations and reports.  Includes analysing case evidence in criminal and civil cases heard at Magistrate, District and Commonwealth Courts.  Compilation of digital forensic reports and testifying as an expert witness on complex technical matters to assist the jury understand the digital evidence presented during trial.

Areas of Expertise

  • Data recovery from computer drives.
  • Digital forensics practitioner, researcher & trainer.
  • Industrial espionage and sabotage.
  • Digital evidence validation, interpretation and case preparation.
  • Expert Witness.Detection and neutralisation of covert electronic surveillance devices (listening, video and mobile devices)
  • Video, Audio and Picture Image Advanced Forensics analysis in association with Media Forensics

Recent Consulting Work

Forensics Australia provides expert testimony and technical support for defence legal teams at the Perth District Courts. Court cases.  Forensic examinations undertaken have involved analysing digital evidence recovered from computers, mobile phones and other digital devices, and preparing expert testimony relating to forensic examination including:

  • Aggravated burglary and false imprisonment.
  • Alleged homicide and suicide and other crimes of violence.
  • Analysis of CCTV video digital evidence of assault and rape cases.
  • Analysis of civil litigation claims for private and corporate clients.
  • Analysis of digital video and mobile phone evidence.
  • Authenticating digital evidence suspected of having been manipulated.
  • Bomb threats.
  • Child pornography, child exploitation and cyber stalking.
  • Data recovery from failed hard drives and devices.
  • Drug trafficking.
  • Family law disputes and AVRO breaches. 
  • Fraud and forgery.
  • Industrial espionage and sabotage.
  • Personnel misconduct and criminal breaches.
  • Suspected copyright, intellectual property and contract breaches.
  • Worker’s compensation disputes.



Business Associations

Forensics Australia operates in association with:

Media Forensics provides multimedia forensics services Digital Forensics Institute provides digital forensics and multimedia forensics specialist training courses
Media Forensics provides audio, video and still image multimedia forensic enhancement and authentication services. Digital Forensics Institute provides specialised digital forensics and multimedia forensics training courses.